Artist Statement

​I see making music as a way to communicate with people and make memories.

As a choral singer, it’s important to listen to the other choristers in order to blend properly to get the right sound. In performing pieces that have been written for a couple of hundred years, it’s as much the director's interpretation of the music as it is the group’s ability to return to her what she is asking for. Therefore, it is very much a team effort. It is critical to learn the music as written and then be able to follow the director’s instruction to achieve what she wants. What I like best about what I do is the audience reaction. When a piece is executed well, and the audience has been moved emotionally, that is when it feels successful.

The same goes for my performances in a cover band. People who go out to enjoy live cover bands want to dance and sing to their favorite songs. Or they want to sit back and hear songs they remember from a certain time period. These songs evoke certain emotions and memories for them. They will also make new memories as they enjoy their time with friends with the music as a backdrop. When I can give a good performance, hit all the notes precisely, and engage the audience, it’s a good night. When the band clicks, and we have fun, that transfers onto the audience, and they in turn have fun. The guests are happy, our client is happy, and the band is happy. That is a success for me.